10 Tips to Help Keep You Safe on the Road this Winter

10 Tips to Help Keep You Safe on the Road this Winter

Here are Some Ways to Help You Safer On the Road this Winter

1. Stay off the roads if possible. It’s best to avoid the risk of driving if it is not necessary.

2. Drive Slowly. It is best to adjust your speed to match the slick conditions on the road.

3. Increase following distance. Since the roads are slick it may hard to stop, so increasing your following distance can help prevent a crash.

4.Ensure your tires are inflated and have plenty of tread. Taking care of your tires can help you make sure that you have enough traction and control when out on slippery roads.

5. Keep at least half a tank. If you get stuck somewhere, having your car running can be your only source of heat. If you are low on gas you may have to worry about conserving your fuel to stay warm.

6. Keep extra cold weather gear, food and blankets in your car. You can never be sure what may happen, so it is best to be prepared for any situation you may be stuck in.

7. Do not use cruise control on slippery surfaces. Your control of the car is significantly decreased, so it is best to stay alert on the road for any hazards like snow or ice.

8. Stay Connected. Before you hit the road communicate your travel routes and estimated arrival time so people are alerted about your location.

9. Get your car serviced. It is best to keep your car serviced so you are aware of any issues and can help prevent your car from breaking down in bad weather.

10. Clean off your car entirely. Without a fully cleaned off car, your visibility is decreased and you are at risk of hurting yourself or others by having snow blow into your windshield or someone else’s.

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