Meet Lance Hall

I am married to my wife, Catherine and we have two boys, Jordan and Hunter. I grew up in Jefferson City, MO. I grew up in an insurance household where my father had brokerage for Public Entity insurance and my mother worked at the Missouri Division, now Department, of Insurance as Deputy Director and acting Director. I worked with my father while in high school and college. After college, I became a golf professional in New Mexico. I then returned to Missouri and worked at a club in St. Louis and ultimately got hired at TPC @ Sawgrass.

Feeling like I had done what I wanted as a golf professional I accepted a position with Experior Assessments working with State Insurance Departments on their license testing programs and we moved from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL to St. Paul, MN. Golf was calling again, and I accepted a position with PGA of America to sell hospitality and sponsorships for the 2013 Sr. PGA Championship, and the 2015 Sr. PGA Championship. Once my time with the PGA was over, I returned to Columbia, MO. I went to work recruiting and training Farmers Insurance Agents. While working with the agents, they expressed concerns that they were not doing what was best for the client because they were at mercy of what the company wanted.

Having grown up around the MAIA, I began looking into becoming an independent agent and partnered up with Valley Insurance Agent’s Alliance. We wanted to provide a do-over or second shot for insureds that have been stuck with captive agents. In golf, a mulligan is another chance to better the outcome of your shot and that is where the name of the agency comes from. Mulligan Insurance your Do-Better Agency.   

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