Why One-Size-Fits-All Homeowners Insurance Coverage Does Not Fit All

Why One-Size-Fits-All Homeowners Insurance Coverage Does Not Fit All

Mass market homeowner insurance coverage may not offer adequate protection for your home.  Is your home unique?  Does it have custom finishes, one of a kind furnishings or historical elements? These unique factors may be outside the scope of your one-size-fits-all homeowner insurance coverage. You may find yourself under-insured and in jeopardy if a crisis hits.  Insufficient coverage will limit your ability to rebuild, repair or maintain your homes personality and unique features.

Do you need coverage for:

  • expensive or heirloom jewelry
  • valuable antiques or collections
  • extended property
  • outbuildings or extensive landscaping
  • historical property or decor
  • high end content, furniture and appliances
  • high risk considerations such as flood, earthquake, or mold
  • increased liability coverage to domestic workers, service people, or visitors
  • extensive remodeling
  • hobby vehicles such as boats, golf carts, tractors etc.

Consider having a professional take a look at your coverage. Lance with Mulligan Insurance can help you make sure you are appropriately covered. At Mulligan Insurance customers get a do-over, to make sure their insurance matches their lives  to secure their assets and their future.

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